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It all began in 1986 with a friend of mine dragging me to different greenhouses looking for perennials. Perennials became an addiction which then became a small business originating in our country backyard in 1989. From beyond our kitchen door we sold forty five hundred to five thousand potted perennials starting May 1 and continuing through August. This continued for twelve years until we decided to move on to new adventures. In February of 2001, I began work at the Galena Greenhouse where I stayed for four years. I enjoyed the experience and learned a lot, so when the opportunity to purchase the business arose I could not refuse. In March of 2006, we purchased the greenhouse, which is now Valley Perennials Florist & Greenhouse. Every day brings a new adventure and we continue to look forward to each new season. Come visit and chat with Becky, Carl, Laura, Gail, Elva Jane and Sandie.